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Feel free to post any questions you have about the Logik of the Heart or Steiner's work. If you have trouble deciding various thought-forms, I can try to help.

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    Alicia Landman-Reiner (Saturday, 06 May 2017 13:27)

    Hi Mark,
    I appreciate your posting all this material. I am interested in working with it, having met with Florin Lowndes (1980's?), tried this study method with Steiner's Fundamentals of Therapy, and given it up as too difficult. Florin had actually discouraged my going straight to that text but as a doctor that's what I wanted to study. Now I am starting again with Philosophy of Freedom. I would like to work with this for awhile to get a feel for it, and then go back again to Fundamentals.

    Difficulty: the three English translations I have of P of F have some different paragraph divisions for the Prefaces. For example, the 1918 Preface: Michael Wilson, 7 paragraphs. Rita Stebbing, 6. Michael Lipson, 5. ouch! The translation you quote in your Study Guide -- is that your own?

    This is a super useful and interesting website: thanks so much. Addressing a broad audience, with minimal terminology: good effort! Alicia

Thank you Alicia!  The Fundamentals of Therapy or other non-Philosophy of Freehood texts can be very difficult for beginners. I know there was a group in Germany that worked out the form of The Fundamentals. This type of research is very challenging.


Please use the Lindeman translation in conjunction with a German text pre-1925 edition. They are usually available as most anthroposophists don't collect old editions very often. 


Yes, the version of the Preface in the Study Guide is mine and Florin's. He made some wise decisions about what some of the more ambiguous sentences could mean in English.


Recently I gave a lecture at the local branch and I noticed there are few Anthroposophists left and many who are around know very little about what Steiner said and don't own his terminology. Any continuation of his work will be in plain English.  So thank you for noticing.